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On March 13, 2003,...

I happened to look over at my clock and noticed that it was 1:13 a.m. With no sleep in sight I jumped out of bed, grabbed a bowl of ice cream, a few cookies, and a glass of cranberry juice and headed to my office where I would begin my online search for other mothers who understood what it felt like to send their child off to serve their country. It’s funny how that one moment is still vivid within my heart, and I do believe I still carry the few pounds I put on that evening in search of those who would understand my need for comfort food!

I share this moment because even through it’s been over 10 years since my eating frenzy, I still keep my eyes open for mothers who found each other and are reaching beyond to do great things for their children who serve and the children of others, and a few months ago I was introduced to an amazing group of women who formed an alliance to bring hugs through care packages to those who are serving our country.

In March of 2012, Mai Christy, together with a group of Marine moms, sent eight care packages to Marines who were recovering from their training injuries at Camp Pendleton in California. It didn’t take long for letters to arrive from the Marines sharing how much they loved being thought of and cared for, and that was when Camp Courage was born.

Camp Courage has sent packages to Afghanistan, Kuwait, Japan, Camp Pendleton, 29 Palms, North Carolina, South Carolina and are in the midst of their 2013 projects geared for the men and women who serve. Their mission is to reach as many Marines as possible through the outreach of their care package projects in an effort to express their sincerest appreciation for their selfless choice to serve our great nation! To date they have shipped out 769 packages with no sign of stopping.

Last week I went to Camp Courage’s Facebook page and asked the 1,600 (and growing) members why they joined the group and as I read through their answers I learned something very profound…

Billie Jo shared, “As a mom of a new Marine (who is currently deployed) I am not sure how I would make it through with the support from the moms from Camp Courage. They are my shoulder to cry on, my sounding board, you name it! They understand, and what they do for our service men and women who are deployed is wonderful!”

Kristine shared, “Camp Courage is paramount in bringing a bit of “home” and “love” to our Marines. Camp Courage is about supporting our Marines and helping moms get through this journey.”

Christy shared, “These women make me wish I had my own private jet so I could fly all around the country just to give hugs when they’re sad, and high-fives when their men and women are coming home, and hugs for homecomings too!”

Kim shared, “As a Marine mom I am very honored and privileged to be part of this amazing group that supports not only each other (through trials and tribulations of worrying about our children) but also the other Marines that are now our children’s brothers and sisters in arms around the world by sending care packages to show our love, support and encouragement!”

Tammy shared, “There are support groups out there for smokers, drinkers, gamblers and tons of other habits. To discover this group called, Camp Courage, who encourages USMC moms, was a real blessing. It’s a support group forus, the USMC family!”

All-in all I received quotes from 36 Marine moms sharing “why” they joined Camp Courage and within their mission which reads: To reach as many Marines as possible through the outreach of their care package projects in an effort to express their sincerest appreciation for their selfless choice to serve our great nation, the most profound thing that I learned from asking a simply question of “why” is that the bottom line is moms need to be within the friendships of other moms who understand what it’s like to send their child into harm’s way, and while our men and women are enjoying the care packages that are sent to them in appreciation for their selfless choice to serve our great nation, they are being sent care packages by those who need to be within the friendships of other mothers who understand the heart of courageous mother who is waiting for her child to return home safely.


Mia Christy is the founder of Camp Courage and would like to invite you to join her and the others, so that care packages will continue on until each Marine has arrived safely home.

If you would like more information about Camp Courage, please join them on Facebook at: Camp Courage - USMC Moms

It’s good to know that there’s a group of mothers who are supporting our Marines worldwide, one care package at a time!

Article written by Gina Woods for GalTime